Most Frequent Questions And Answers

Frank Financial Insurance Group specializes in finding the best option for your insurance needs and lower your deductible.


Let’s find different options to lower your deductible or products that fill in the gaps to help pay higher deductible plans.

There are multiple life insurance selections that may fit your needs between term and whole-life plans depending on your life stage. Because of that, I can recommend which product I believe fits your situation.

It started because of the American Health Care Reform Act, a comprehensive reform law, which increases sales enforced coverage. This influences reforms to help insurance market by providing tax credit or subsidies for your care based on your income.


I offer products ranging from individual health, medicare products, long term care, life and annuities.

Absolutely, I prefer face-to-face meetings where you can be hands-on, ask questions, and learn which products are best suited for your specific needs.

I am currently certified to sell plans in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio but that is expanding each year. If you have a family member or friend in need, I will go as far as needed. Also, I could possibly entertain a Zoom call if it’s beyond driving distance.